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Sorry but I don't speak German.

I'm from Portugal - Europe and I'm looking for an European site that sells AntiHydral / Dehydral... can anyone help me out?


26.07.2003 01:51 • 29.07.2003 #1

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That's one site I found using google. The product seems to be a lot more expensive compared to the price in german pharmacies which is about € 5. If you want to use this product please be aware of the fact that this ointment works due to formaldehyde which is itself associated with allergies and a possible cancer risk.

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Antihydral - where to buy?

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Hello Luis,

is it not possible to buy antihydral in pharmacies in portugal? i think in several european countries you can buy it in pharmacies, for example in germany and austria.

27.07.2003 18:55 • #3

Justin thanks for your help but imprting from US takes too long and not many of the US sites are able to send the product to Europe...
I rather prefer to order directly from europe, there has to be someone who can send it to me...

I've tried and I'm waiting a reply from them so let's see.

29.07.2003 01:41 • #4