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meine Kolleginnen und ich arbeiten an unserer Masterarbeit und suchen dringend nach Teilnehmern für unsere Studie. Wir suchen nach Personen, die einen Job haben und denen innerhalb des letzten Jahres ein negatives Ereignis (z.B. Scheidung/Trennung, Tod/schwere Krankheit eines Familienangehörigen/engen Freund, etc.) passiert ist. (Die Studie ist leider nur auf Englisch).

We are Marit, Laura, Izania, and Emma, students of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and are performing research in the field of Organizational Psychology under supervision of Prof. Dr. Arnold Bakker.
With our study, we want to investigate how people function at work after experiencing a major life event. Furthermore, we are interested in whether work can help in recovering from a major life event.
Are you 18 years or older, do you have a job, and did you experience a major negative life event (e.g. divorce, break up, death/searious illness of family member, being a victim of violence) during the last year? Please feel welcome to participate in our study.
In case you dont meet the conditions, please feel free to share our research with people who do.
During the study you will fill out short questionnaires every week on Thursday or Friday, for the next 5 weeks, which will take approximately 10 minutes per week. By completing all the questionnaires you automatically have a chance of winning one of 5 VVV vouchers (Dutch participants) or Amazon vouchers (international participants) worth Euro10,00.
Use the following link to start with the study (week 1) and read more about it:
We would really appreciate your help!
Thank you in advance!

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