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Tell me why



You appear at night as I fall asleep. Sometimes you come slowly, sometimes quickly. My throat constricts, my body is suddenly wide awake. I have to sit up and turn the lights on.
I'm okay
What do you want from me?
What do you need so badly that you refuse to let me sleep?
How do I make you stop?
And then, I wait.
I wait for you to pass, for you to leave me alone.
I'm all alone
My chest feels tight, I can't seem to breathe normally. You feel like a storm of fire, burning through my veins.
And even if you pass I end up laying awake. For hours and hours I wait for the sleepiness to take me but it's useless.
What do you want to tell me so badly? I feel fine otherwise, I'm actually pretty happy. So what do you want?
If it wasn't for you I'd be just fine. I'd have no problem falling asleep, no problem...
Just let me breathe. I just want to take deep breaths and go to dreamland. Please, I beg you, let me sleep

Normally I don't mind being alone, but my apartment is so empty at those times. I wish I could cry for help. I want a gentle embrace, I want someone to tell me that I'll be fine.
Honestly, what am I doing wrong? What have I done to deserve this?
I want to complain. I want to cry. Tell everyone how much it sucks. Tell them that this shouldn't be. It just shouldn't.


  07.12.2017 19:19  
smallkitty hat geschrieben:
Morgens erwache,
ich aus meinem langen Traum

Wake up, Wake up!

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